Hitman PRO beta (x86/x64) + Key -Chống Các Loại Virus Có Hại

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Hitman PRO beta (x86/x64) + Key -Chống Các Loại Virus Có Hại

Bài gửi  admin on Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:04 pm

This new version is completely rewritten from scratch. Actually, it is totally different from what you might expect when you are familiar with Hitman Pro 2 because version 3 does not install any software on your computer. In fact, Hitman Pro 3 has a brand new approach to detect malware using a new sophisticated heuristic technique we have been developing over the years. Read on and sign up for testing.


We have built our own engine because some of the third party software we use in Hitman Pro 2 have been growing beyond reasonable proportions. This is because of the exponentially growing amount and increasing technical variety of malware out on the internet. And despite the remarkable efforts of our partners, it has become unpractical to combine them all on a single system. Over time we had to include a lot of code to prevent anti-malware software from making severe mistakes. Despite our efforts, under certain conditions, a combination of specific malicious and antimalware software could do systems actually more harm than good. This is because malware is increasingly aware and actually fights back to prevent detection and removal. This would also happen when a user would manually install the antimalware software to clean the system.

For Hitman Pro 3 we are taking a new direction. Hitman Pro 3 collects a lot of data to find malware by itself. Of course it is as good as any other engine to detect known threats (including rootkits). But it really excels when it comes to help you find and remove new unknown threats.

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